This 6″ scaled highly detailed collectible figure is created straight from the real in-game 3-D model. Wielding his serrated saw blade and posed in his iconic fight stance, Shadow Jago is prepared to take on anyone! The sword can be stored between his chain armor or posed in his hand for lethal weapon-based articulation. Figure can stand alone or be placed on the included base styled in the theme of his game background.

Only 5,000 units of this Limited Edition Shadow Jago were produced, and will never be released again. In this limited release you get the following exclusive features:

  • Custom packaging size, color and design.
  • Accessory box which stores his sword and collector card.
  • Issued collector card individually numbered from 1 to 5000.
  • Exclusive Shadow Jago Microsoft redeem code for unlockable (color 10) in-game.
(You must already own Shadow Jago in Killer Instinct for the exclusive color code to be activated.)