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  • Fulgore Exclusive In Game Unlockable

    All figures come with an in-game unlockable code. Buy your figure now to get access to exclusive in-game character colorations!

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  • Hisako


    Hisako has risen again from the grave with this highly detailed 6" scaled collectible figure. Her disturbing taunt pose is companied by her creepy weapon-based articulation. Hisako comes with two weapon accessories and an interchangeable victory "scream" head. Hisako is removable from her grave base but she vows to stand guard at her family's resting place.

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  • Fulgore

    Spinal Shipwreck Cove Deluxe Set

    The 6” Scaled Fulgore collectible figure is ready to eliminate any and all enemies of Ultratech. Fulgore is fully articulated but more importantly he can be posed in his signature taunt move. Fulgore comes with two sets of weapon blades and a second interchangeable head. Fulgore’s base includes ultra battle damage which he can be removed from. Finally, the property of Ultratech can be yours!


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August 26, 2016

Behind the Sticks – Seadragon

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My name is Jamill, but most of you call me SeaDragon. I’m a 16 year old Killer Instinct player, known to be one of the best ARIA players in the community. I love playing fighting games more than anything, and I enjoy KI and SFV a lot right now. My favorite characters to play in KI right now are ARIA, Hisako, and Eyedol, and in SFV I enjoy Ken, Chun, and Alex, among others. I’m also looking forward to Injustice 2 and KOF XIV, fighting... Read More >